Get Rid of Stumps in Your Yard

Rely on us for stump and tree limb removal services in Eau Claire, WI

Is there a stump jutting out of your yard? A+ Services can take care of tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal services for you. We'll get rid of stumps so that nothing is left behind.

You don't want to let stumps linger. If stumps stick around, they can:

  • Lower your curb appeal
  • Attract insects and other pests
  • Make it hard to mow your lawn
  • Pose a tripping hazard

Arrange for a stump removal service in Eau Claire, WI today.

Cut down overgrown tree limbs

Cut down overgrown tree limbs

Don't let your yard become overrun with unwanted trees. Our tree limb removal services make a big difference in the look and layout of your yard. We can cut down heavy tree limbs and get rid of them before they get too heavy and fall down on their own.

Request our tree limb removal services now in Eau Claire, WI.